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2013 Archive

2013 ASSA Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was a great success. Please see below for post event information, including presentation downloads.

Friday, January 04, 2013

The Role of African Women Economists in Africa’s Development (O1) (Panel Discussion)

Panel Moderator: JULIET ELU (Morehouse College)
THOKOZILE RUZVIDZO (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
ELIZABETH ASIEDU (University of Kansas)

African Development Bank / African Finance Economic Association Luncheon

The Constraints to Structural Transformation in Africa; Suggestions for the Research Agenda

Keynote Speaker: Dr. LOUIS KASEKENDE, Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Issues In African Development And Economic Transformation (O1)

African Finance & Economics Association
Presiding: OLU AJAKAIYE (African Centre for Shared Development)

The Fertility Transition in South Africa: A Retrospective Panel Data Analysis

RULOF BURGER (University of Stellenbosch)
RONELLE BURGER (University of Stellenbosch)

Market Competition in Export Cash Crops and Farm Income in Africa

NICOLÁS M. DEPETRIS CHAUVIN (African Center for Economic Transformation, Ghana)
GUIDO G. PORTO (Universidad de La Plata, Argentina)

Labor Markets in Swaziland: The Challenge of Youth Unemployment

ROBERT FAKUDZE (Swaziland Ministry of Labor and Social Security)
THIERRY KANGOYE (UN Economic Commission for Africa and University of Auvergne)

Promoting Industrial Development in Africa: Serendipity or Good Policy?

STEVE ONYEIWU (Allegheny College)
JANE KARONGA (UN Economic Commission for Africa)


ABDOUL MIJIYAWA (African Center for Economic Transformation, Ghana)
JOHN KARIKARI (US Government Accountability Office)
SAMUEL AMPONSAH (Tokyo International University)
MARVA CORLEY-COULIBALY (International Labour Office, Geneva)
ELIJAH OBAYELU (Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria)
JULIUS GATUNE KARIUKI (African Center for Economic Transformation)

Women And Economic Development In Africa (O1)

National Economic Association
Presiding: RHONDA SHARPE (Bennett College)

War, Female Education and Marriage: Evidence from Nigeria

RICHARD AKRESH, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
SONIA BHALOTRA, University of Bristol,
MARINELLA LEONE, University of Sussex,
UNA OKONKWO OSILI, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis,

Sources of the persistent gender wage gap along the unconditional earning distribution: findings from Kenya

RICHARD U. AGESA, Marshall University,
JACQUELINE AGESA, Marshall University,

Foreign Aid and Gender: A focus Sub-Sahara Africa

ELIZABETH ASIEDU, University of Kansas,
MALOKELE NANIVAZO, United Nations University/World Institute of Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)
MWANZA NKUSU, International Monetary Fund,

Access to Credit in Sub-Saharan Africa: How Relevant is Gender?

ELIZABETH ASIEDU, University of Kansas,
ISAAC KANYAMA, University of Johannesburg,
LEONCE NDIKUMANA, University of Massachusetts,
AKWASI NTI-ADDAE, University of Kansas,

The Role of Gender in Development: Where do boys count?

DIEYNABA TANDIAN, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF),


KWABENA GYIMAH-BREMPONG, University of South Florida,
JOHN KARIKARI, Government Accountability Office,
AKWASI NTI-ADDAE, University of Kansas,
LEONCE NDIKUMANA, University of Massachusetts,
RUTH UWAIFO, Georgia Institute of Technology,
ROLAND PONGOU, University of Ottawa,

State Failure in Africa (O1)

National Economic Association / African Finance & Economics Association
Presiding: UNA OSILI (Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis)

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Evolution of Political Authority in West Africa

WARREN C WHATLEY (University of Michigan)

Elites, Education, and Reforms: Implications for Democratization in Africa

MINA BALIAMOUNE-LUTZ (University of North Florida)

State Failure, Violence and Business Development in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

KWABENA GYIMAH-BREMPONG (University of South Florida)

Am I Middle Class: Identity, Politics and Development in Kenya

MWANGI WA GITHINJI (University of Massachusetts)

State Failure, Policy Syndromes and Growth of African Economies: The Role of Governance



LEONARD WANTCHEKON (Princeton University)
RAJ ARUNACHALAM (University of Michigan)

Presidential Address and Dinner – Invitation Only

African Finance Economic Association

Keynote Speakers:

AERC and Diaspora

Professor LEMMA SENBET, University of Maryland and Incoming Executive Director, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)

Africa Diaspora Linkage With The Motherland – Focus on AFEA and AfDB

Professor JOHN ANYANWU, Lead Research Economist, African Development Bank

Sunday, January 06, 2013

African Development (O1)

National Economic Association
Presiding: GREGORY PRICE (Morehouse College)

Access to Water and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Impacts of Development AID

ADELEKE SALAMI, African Development Bank, a.salami

Macroeconomic Shock Synchronization in the East African Community

ALBERT MAFUSIRE, African Development Bank,
ZUZANA BRIXIOVA, United Nations Development Programme,

Debt, Growth and Poverty in a Failing State: Nigeria, 1970-2011

AKPAN EKPO, West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management, Lagos,

Characteristics and Macroeconomic Determinants of Youth Employment in Africa

JOHN ANYANWU, African Development Bank,

Access to Finance and Entrepreneurship: New Evidence from 4 African Countries

OUSMAN GAJIGO, African Development Bank,
THOURAYA TRIKI, African Development Bank,
ISSA FAYE, African Development Bank


OLU AJAKAIYE, African Center for Shared Development Capacity Building,
GEORGE KARARACH, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF),
MALOKELE NANIVAZO, United Nations University/World Institute of Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)
MWANZA NKUSU, International Monetary Fund,
KIDAYA NTOKO, Queens College of the City University of New York,
DIEYNABA TANDIAN, African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF),